How To Rescue An Overgrown Lawn

Maybe you've just moved into a new home, and the previous occupants weren't as interested in maintaining the garden as you are. Maybe you've been travelling for a few months, and now that you've got home you've discovered everything has kept on growing in your absence. Maybe it's rained every weekend for weeks on end and now there's finally a dry patch you're feeling a little overwhelmed. Maybe you've simply been busy enough that you haven't managed to get round to mowing your lawn for a while.

2 Essential Systems To Make Your Rural Or Remote New Home Self Sufficient

If you're building a new home in a remote or rural area, then the question of how to set up services such as electricity and water supply has probably been one you've been pondering. Some areas may already have utilities connected to them but many do not. One possibility is to pay your local council to have these utilities connected to your property. However, this can be costly, both in the short term with hefty costs involved in connecting the services, and in the long term with large bills as the cost of electricity and water continue to rise.

Simple Features You Might Overlook When Choosing a New Silage Truck

A silage truck is a must-have for farms with livestock, as it allows you to easily deliver bales of silage or loose silage to your livestock quickly and easily. The wagon lets you spread out the silage so your livestock doesn't get crowded around any one feeding area, making for a healthier feeding experience and ensuring all your livestock get fed. Note a few features you might overlook when choosing a new silage truck so you know you get the right choice for your farm.

Important Questions to Ask Before Getting a Water Tank

A water tank can ensure that your property always has water even when there is an interruption from the city's water supply for any reason. It can also reduce your water bill if you use collected water to water your lawn or garden or for flushing your toilet and washing your car or other such vehicles. Not all water tanks are alike, and you may be surprised at your options when you start to shop, so you want to ensure you choose the right type for your needs.

Using Diet To Prevent Kidney Stones In Dogs

Passing a kidney stone is one of the most painful and feared conditions a human may suffer from, and it's no different if your dog passes one. But kidney stone formation is not just a painful business - it's a potentially lethal one. The creation of these hard, jagged lumps of mineral deposits and detritus can cause serious damage to your dog's renal system and urinary tract, and may require surgery to remove.