Simple Features You Might Overlook When Choosing a New Silage Truck

A silage truck is a must-have for farms with livestock, as it allows you to easily deliver bales of silage or loose silage to your livestock quickly and easily. The wagon lets you spread out the silage so your livestock doesn't get crowded around any one feeding area, making for a healthier feeding experience and ensuring all your livestock get fed. Note a few features you might overlook when choosing a new silage truck so you know you get the right choice for your farm.

1. Side unloading

A side hopper is good for when you want to deliver your silage along a fence line. This can ensure the silage sits snug against the fence and, in turn, your livestock can spread out all the way to the fence boundaries of your farm. Without a side hopper, you may find that the silage doesn't sit so close to the fence and livestock may rub up against the fence when feeding, causing potential injuries to them and damage to your fence. Side unloading is also good for loading into troughs.

2. Load sensors and scales

Don't rely on your experience alone when harvesting grain for silage or loading up your wagon from a silo. A load sensor or scale can alert you to when your load is reaching maximum weight capacity so that you avoid any unnecessary wear and tear on the chains and other parts of the wagon when it's time to unload. 

3. Trailer style

Some silage wagons are actually trucks that you drive independently, but choosing a wagon or trailer style can be a better option. This allows you to easily tow the silage wagon behind your tractor or another truck. This may be a more affordable option and means not having to worry about repairing the engine and other components of an actual truck, and it also allows you to have more options when it comes to the attachments you haul behind your tractor.

4. Chopper

If you choose a silage truck or wagon with an attached chopper, note that this can make it easier to create silage from grain on your farm, but the chopper might also get in the way when going around tight spaces. It also might not fit into a small barn or shed for a small farm. If you do choose an attached chopper, be sure you note the measurements and size of the silage truck or wagon carefully.

For more information about factors to consider and options like Siwa silage wagons, contact a local supplier.